Monday, August 2, 2010

Marble games for your kitty party

GAME 1--Tying marbles in handkerchief

Materials- Standard sized marbles, handkerchiefs and rubber bands.

How to play—divide the marbles equally in the teams of your kitty party or if there is not team and you want them to play individually give each player one hanky and many marbles. The time limit for this game is one minute. The payer has to tie the marbles in the hanky using the rubber band. The team player who ties maximum marbles in the hanky will win.

2. Shifting marbles using toes.

Materials- many marbles of different sizes and two plates
How to play—Keep the marbles in a plate and give one empty plate to the player. The player then has to shift the marbles from one plate to other by picking it using the toes. The time limit for this game is one minute; the player who shifts maximum marbles in one minute wins the game.
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